Friday, January 9, 2009

MelZoo joins the search engine pack!

Interesting! Melzoo is the latest search engine on the block!

I tried various searches on this site, starting by typing my name ;) ! Well, the first result was of this very blog... and another surprise -- the results appear on a split page! The first (or left) part of the page lists the results, while the second (or right) part of the page opened my blog's page!

When I moved the mouse over to the second search result -- my Newsvine page -- the page on the right changed automatically -- to my Newsvine index page. And then on to the next result -- my page on BlogCatalog!

Okay, so the search lists all results on one side, and previews the page for each result -- as you move the mouse over -- on the other side.

One of the search results led me to an EDN Global Roundtable of early 2004! This page, especially, brought back several memories! I'd participated in this roundtable sometime in Q3 of 2003, and it was published early January of 2004. I've lost track of some of those participants, but it was good to see this roundtable all over again!

Another search result led me to an EDN Global Report 2, which had been done before I left for Hong Kong in Q3-05.

Some pages were unable to show the preview, though my guess is, either the Internet was slow or the pages were taking time to download, or, the previews were not yet fixed. Am sure, those would be taken care of!

By the way, I was extremely thrilled to see this blog's name appear on the very first page, when I tried another search using 'semicon blogs'. Also, when I tried searching for TD-SCDMA, the results on the first page displayed, among others, my own article, written for Wireless Week, US, back in 2001.

However, I'm wondering what is the MelZoo team going to do to make this search engine popular among users? Google, like Yahoo, spread by word of mouth. Later, Google added several features (and keeps adding) that greatly enhanced its image! We keep comparing any search engine invariably with Google, don't we?

There have been other search engines like iRazoo, Cuil, etc., but they don't seem to have gained many followers so far! On Alexa, Cuil was ranked 9,596 and iRazoo 21,865. Melzoo does not have a rank yet, so it is a brand new starter!

Also, the names of these popular search engines! The names for the new search engines are a bit difficult to remember, isn't it so? Yahoo and Google, and perhaps, even Alta Vista, Lycos, etc., before them, have been fairly easy to remember. Even the logos, I guess, were more user friendly.

Perhaps, MelZoo would do something different over the next few weeks or months! Since the site is still in beta, except some more goodies to be added. And, even better search results to show up!

After all, any search engine is known for the quality of results it throws up! This means -- showing the interesting and latest, along with the uninteresting, and maybe, equally related to the search. How recent are the updates? How frequently are new articles added on to the search results?

For instance, any online media would check MelZoo to see if the site is picking up all of its news with each passing hour. If MelZoo can cope up with this challenge, it would have done its job admirably. Best of luck to the team!

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