Wednesday, March 23, 2011

EmTech India 2011 somewhat of a mixed bag!

Yes, I am compelled to say this! Barring the lecture given by Kent Larson on ubiquitous technologies, which you can read on element14's website, most of the lectures were really nothing to shout about!

When you go to attend a conference, you desire to hear about new things, and not hear about things that you already know. Hence, I am forced to give the headline, nothing else!

Besides, there were only four presentations of note by the famed line-up from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). And, two of the keynoters left by the second half of first day itself, which is surprising. Unless, something else came up. Nevertheless, I could not find either Dan Nocera or Jeffery Karp post lunch, so help me!

The only other speaker from day 1 - Moe Win, presented an excellent piece on network localization. However, since it was held immediately after lunch, I felt that most of the audience found his piece a bit technical.

What did I like? Well, the fact that MIT is serious about India is something that goes down very well. I had serious discussions with both Kent Larson and Moe Win regarding this, and both were in the affirmative.

For those interested, the entire coverage of the show is on element14's website.

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