Thursday, February 7, 2013

PC’s blog nominated for international award ;)

PC's Electronic Components Blog has been nominated for inclusion on the list of 99 Top Resources for Electrical Engineers that will soon be published on

According to the nomination, 'My site can be a great resource for people just starting to learn about electrical engineering.'

Wow! Should I win, it will be my sixth global title in a row!! :)

What can I say! I am simply overwhelmed by the responses and congratulatory notes!

All I have been doing since my return from the overseas in 2007 has been to blog! And look, where it has taken me! What started as a mere blog for my colleagues overseas has grown far and wide!

Well, even if I don't bag the award this time, it is great to be nominated among the best in the world. Thanks are also due to all of my friends, well wishers and readers of my blogs all over the world! I hope to carry on bringing you relevant stuff! :) Au revoir! :)

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