Tuesday, January 5, 2010

India needs to develop the right products: Dr. Bobby Mitra @ VLSID 2010

The 23rd International Conference on VLSI Design and the 9th International Conference on Embedded Systems (VLSID 2010) kicked off this week at the NIMHANS Convention Center in Bangalore.

Inaugurating the conference today, wirelessly, along with the other distinguished guests, Dr. Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra, President & Managing Director, Texas Instruments India, said that the technology behind the conference has already started. This year, the conference is being taken to greater heights — VLSID 2010 is being webcasted live for the first time! Dr. Mitra added, “Taking the conference to the people is absolutely wonderful.”

Delivering the opening keynote, Dr. Mitra presented his views on how he foresees the change in India from a VLSI design community to a semiconductor community.

He said: “So far, the industry and the academia have been focused on developing products right. As we enter the new decade, another new vector is likely to become a guiding point — that is, developing the right products. We will be developing better chips for our customers the sooner we can better understand their system aspects.”

He urged the Indian semiconductor/VLSI community to continue developing products right, and also to develop products that really benefit the customer. “Understanding the end application is going to be very vital.”

According to him, India’s growing importance in semiconductors would be critical during this decade. However, India, as a market for semiconductors, will help everyone in learning more — when the customer is at your doorstep. The amount of consumption in semiconductors in India has been amazing so far, and will only grow in future.

He added that companies based in India — both MNCs and local — have been really innovating. India is a not-to-be-missed market! He concluded, “The time to invest in the Indian semiconductor market is now, not later!”

Later, welcoming the delegates, Dr. Mahesh Mehendale, General Co-chair VLSID 2010 and Texas Instruments Fellow & Director, Center of Excellence for Digital Video, Texas Instruments India, said that Bangalore had really emerged as hub for semiconductors and IT. In fact, 2010 indicates 25 years since this revolution started.

Commenting on this year’s conference, he said: “Our aim was to push this conference nationally and globally, by taking the conference to the desktops.” Dr. Ruben A. Parikhji, Program Co-chair, apprised delegates of the technical sessions.

This was followed by two technical keynotes:

* Nanoelectronics challenges for the 21st century, by Prof. Dimitri A. Antoniadis, MIT, and
* Deep submicron CMOS technology – the challenges for semiconductor IDM, Prof. Dr. Hermann Eul, Member of Management Board, Infineon.

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