Sunday, May 16, 2010

Providing ‘real solutions’ will be next challenge for IC suppliers

At the recently held International Electronics Forum (IEF 2010) in Dresden, Germany, Rich Beyer, chairman and CEO, Freescale Semiconductor, highlighted that the “need for providing ‘real solutions’” would be the next challenge for the various IC suppliers.

Increasing complexity means that the OEMs are now relying heavily on the IC suppliers for system-level support and software development. Also, connected intelligence is really blurring the traditional market boundaries. This requires system-level expertise combined with the knowledge of multiple market technologies.

There is also a great need for innovation teamwork, which would require focusing on the entire product value chain — starting from definition and design on to software and support. Delivering ‘real solutions’ would involve wrapping the ecosystems around OEM application expertise to create value through differentiation.

More details later!

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