Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seagate launches GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage device

Seagate Technology has recently introduced the GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage device. The GoFlex Satellite has a storage capacity of 500GB.

The device allows you to carry around your media library and wirelessly stream to an iPad, Android tablet or smartphone. Users can also stream media to three Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously. Besides, you can automatically sync media and documents from your PC or Mac.The GoFlex Satellite allows users to carry their media library while on-the-go and wirelessly stream movies, photos, music and documents to an iPad, Android tablet or smartphone. The GoFlex Satellite device also includes a fast USB 3.0/USB 2.0 connect ion and downloadable Media Sync software to easily transfer media and documents from a PC or Mac.

If you love watching movies, the GoFlex Satellite device can store over 300 HD movies! That means: no more worry about running out of space on your tablet or smartphone.

The GoFlex Media app is built for the GoFlex Satellite device allowing users to sort through the media library by Videos, Photos, or Music, keyword search, and folder and thumbnail views. The app allows users to download movies and other media from the GoFlex Satellite device, so they can enjoy the content later, when not connected or extend the battery life of their mobile device and GoFlex Satellite.

The device's small form factor 120mmx90mmx22mm makes it compact and really portable. It supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n as well as WPA security. It comes along with USB 3.0 USM adapter with detachable USB 3.0 cable, a compact wall adapter with retractable pins and a compact car charger. I found the battery as the only negative quality, as it allows only five hours of continuous streaming for one single user. This can definitely be improved.

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