Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Xilinx expands R&D, tech site in Hyderabad

Moshe Gavrielov, president and CEO, Xilinx Inc. was in Hyderabad, India to inaugurate Xilinx India's new, expanded India site at Hi-Tech city.

The new Hyderabad site is a 131,000 square-foot office building -- more than 2X the size of the previous site. It is equipped with engineering labs for end-to-end development and has a larger, energy-efficient data center. It also has facilities for customer and employee events.

This site is Xilinx's largest R&D centre outside of US headquarters. Pivotal to record-fast delivery of 28nm technologies, it has a stellar worldwide technical support team.

Xilinx has been committed to be the first to process nodes. It is pioneering 3-D IC technology and leading edge processing sub-systems. It is also offering programmable analog/mixed signal solutions as well as system to IC tools and IP to enable silicon.

Gavrielov said that Xilinx's business drivers have been the programmable imperative, relentless system integration and an insatiable intelligent bandwidth. The programmable imperative has further accelerated. For example, 28nm = 2X 45nm cost. Insatiable bandwidth has now expanded to Latin America. It is said to be almost 2x the size of the US market. There has been 20 percent growth in mobile subscribers and 318 percent growth in Facebook users.

There has been insatiable bandwidth across India as well, while bandwidth is also said to be growing in Africa. Trends driving insatiable intelligent bandwidth include extreme bandwidth - which has seen 5X growth in five years, smart vision, ubiquitous computing and embedded security.

According to Gavrielov, 28nm has seen breakthroughs in optimization and integration, and in accelerating productivity. Xilinx is now making possible next generation OTN switches, with 100 Gbps causing a fundamental change in the way optical networks are built. It is also making possible LTE wireless active antennae, with LTE capital spending projected to boom, reaching $24.3 billion in 2013.

Some other areas where Xilinx is involved includes datacenter app delivery control, unmanned air vehicles, robotic surgery platforms, next generation driver assistance, and next generation industrial automation.

Xilinx is “All In” for all programmable systems and technologies. It is continuiing to see breakthroughs in optimization, integration and productivity, and making highly intelligent and integrated designs possible.

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