Saturday, April 4, 2009

Webdesign International Festival 2010 is here: Web designers -- are you up to it?

Are you a Web designer, a flasher, a developer, or a motion designer? If either is a yes, here's an opportunity of a lifetime to show your talent to the world! Do you have it in you to create the best web graphic interface in 24 hours only, and that too, by working non-stop?

You asked for it? Here's your chance to participate in the Webdesign International Festival (WIF) 2010 worldwide webjam. Interested competitors can click here to register for the preselection stages. The WIF 2010 edition will take place at the end of April 2010 in Limousin, Limoges, France.

For the first time ever, the international pre-selections for WIF 2010 will not be held simultaneously all over the world. Each partner can choose the day of its physical pre-selection between September and December 2009.

The end of these four months of pre-selections will be followed by an online pre-selection, where everyone can try or re-try their luck. The best selected will then go on to participate in the live competition in Limoges, France.

Last April (2008), I had the pleasure of attending the WIF 2008 event, which was organized by the WIF in Limoges, Limousin Region, France. The venue, the majestic ESTER Technopole, which is the centre of technology of Limoges and of Limousin -- the centers of competitiveness (Elopsys and Céramique). The image shown here is of the Technopole from the outside, in April 2008.

Within three editions, WIF has emerged for all aficionados -- professionals or amateurs -- as the essential event of Webdesign, design of interface and the digital content. More than hosting just a competition, WIF has the ambition to become a real international marketplace, and a place of meetings and competitive spirits around the interactive design.

Incidentally, ELOPSYS is the French competitiveness Cluster for "microwave, photonic, secure network technologies and digital design". Photonics is a major area of interest, and I hope to deal with it later, as a separate blog/site.

Coming back to the WIF, Limoges is a three-hour train ride from Paris, about 345km. It can get quite chilly in the evenings if you are planning to join the competition. Moving around Paris is a breeze, thanks to a very efficient Paris Metro.

Finally, I shall remain ever grateful to Aude Bourliataux, my very good friend, for introducing me to WIF as well as ELOPSYS.

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