Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Round-up 2009: Best of EDA, embedded systems and software, design trends

Friends, the next installment in this series on the round-up of 2009 lists my top posts across three specific fields that are very important within the semiconductor industry — electronic design automation (EDA), embedded systems and software, and some design trends. Here you go!


* Synopsys on Discovery 2009, VCS2009 and CustomSIM

* State of global semicon industry: Hanns Windele, Mentor

* New routing tool likely to cover upcoming MCMM challenges: Hanns Windele, Mentor

* Cadence’s focus — systems, low power, enterprise verification, mixed signal and advanced nodes

* Zebu-Server — Enterprise-type emulator from EVE

* State of the global EDA industry: Dr. Pradip Dutta, Synopsys

* Mentor’s Wally Rhines on global EDA industry and challenges

* Mentor’s Wally Rhines on EDA industry — II

* Cadence’s Lip-Bu Tan on global semicon, EDA and Indian semicon industry

* Indian EDA thought leaders can exploit opportunities from tech disruption!


* Top 10 embedded companies in India — By the way, this happens to be the most read article of the year!

* NI LabView solves embedded and multicore problems!

* Intel’s retail POS kiosk provides unique shopping experience

* ISA Vision Summit 2009: Growing influence of embedded software on hardware world

* MCUs are now shaping the embedded world!

* Embedded electronics: Trends and opportunities in India!

* Growth drivers for embedded electronics in India


* Microcontrollers unplugged! How to choose an MCU

* Xilinx rolls out ISE Design Suite 11 for targeted design platforms!

* TI’s 14-bit ADC unites speed and efficiency

* ST/Freescale intro 32-bit MCUs for safety critical applications

Again, I am certain to have missed out some posts that you may have liked. If yes, please do point out. Also, it is not possible for me to select the top 10 articles for the year. If anyone of you can, I’d be very delighted.

My best wishes to you, your families and loved ones for a happy and prosperous 2010.

P.S.: The next two round-ups will be on solar photovoltaics and semiconductors. These will be added tomorrow, before I disappear for the year! :)

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