Thursday, December 31, 2009

Round-up 2009: Best of solar photovoltaics

Part III in the series ‘Round-up 2009′ features the top posts in solar photovoltaics during the year gone by. Some friends and readers have spent hours searching for blog posts. Hope this list will help them to easily find the blog post they are looking for. Here you go!


* Dramatic price forecast to reshape PV industry: iSuppli

* Opportunities in India’s solar/PV landscape: SEMI India

* More mature PV industry likely post solar downturn: iSuppli

* How is PV industry reacting to oversupply conditions?

* Dr. Robert Castellano on how to make solar a ‘hot’ sector again – 1

* Dr. Robert Castellano on how to make solar a ‘hot’ sector again – 2

* Consolidation likely in solar cell manufacturing to control oversupply, and, lessons for India!

* Top-10 solar cell suppliers in 2009: iSuppli — This was also a top read article during 2009!

* Solar PV industry scenario in India!

* Rising opportunities in India’s solar PV space

* Highest efficiency Si solar cells realised with n-Si — Prof. Weber, Fraunhofer ISE

* Solar Semiconductor’s Hari Surapaneni on why solar is good for India!

* India major destination for solar/PV investments!

* Dynamics of the global PV industry

* Prof. Eicke R. Weber, Fraunhofer Institute on future of PV

* Solar PV and Utility 2.0: Making the grid smarter!

* Union Cabinet approves National Solar Mission; 20 GW by 2022 (not 2020)! — The day and event everyone’s waited so very patiently for long in the Indian solar/PV industry!

* Indian government unveils National Solar Mission Plan document!

* What’s next in PV equipment?

Again, it is extremely difficult for me to list the Top 10. If you can decide, that’ll be great.

Best wishes to my dear friends, well-wishers and everyone for a happy and prosperous 2010!

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